Custom Framing FAQ

You asked, we answered
here are a few commonly asked questions, answered.

How quickly will you be able to frame my project?

Our staff at Art Focus ask for two weeks from the day you bring your project in until its done. We often are able to get your project done sooner, however two weeks is a good timeframe for us. If you are looking to have a project framed speedy quick, we offer a number of in-stock mouldings and materials that we can use to get your project done ASAP. Give us a call at 406-363-4112 if you are in a pinch and need emergency framing.

How will i know when my project is finished

We will call you when your project is complete. Be sure to give us your most recent phone number and be sure your voicemailbox is set up and can accept a voicemail.

What if it does’nt look good when I hang it at home?

Please let us know! We want you to be completely satisfied with your artwork in your home. We strive hard to design projects that will look great in your home, however sometimes things go astray. Bring your piece back in to our shop and we can make adjustments to be sure that you love your frame!

Do you sell just mats or glass?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to accommodate if you need a custom cut mat or new glass for an existing frame! Depending on what you need we can often get you these same-day or a matter of days. If you need either be sure to bring in your framed artwork for us to measure.

I dropped a frame at home and the glass broke! What do I do?

Oh No! Not to worry. If you have glass that has broken in the frame we can get you a new piece of glass, no problem. Before you move the artwork be sure to take any type of tape you have on hand (packing tape, duct tape, electrical tape, anything) and tape the outside of the glass. Be sure to cover all broken areas, this will protect your artwork from the glass during transport and keep the glass from breaking further. We can often cut a new piece of glass and get your project back to you within the same day!

I have a painting on canvas, can you stretch it?

100%. We can stretch canvas in our shop and prepare it to either hang or go into a frame! Drop on by and we can get started on it.

I’m Moving, how do I transport my artwork?

Use any type of blanket you have and wrap each piece individually. Moving blankets work great for this. Do not stack them or place them underneath anything heavy. That is our best reccomendation.

oops! I left my project at your shop months ago, do you still have it?

Yes we still have your artwork! We ask for people to pick up thier pieces as soon as possible however we understand life gets crazy. Drop in as soon as you can and pick it up!

Have more questions? Contact us or stop by our shop anytime. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.