KJ Khanle

KJKahnle Portrait.jpg

Working with gunpowder as an art medium is a very complex and endlessly experimental process. The burn rates of various powders, air flow, directional “blasting,” additional chemicals, deflection objects, layering, etc., can each change the intended outcome. And “mistakes” can’t be painted over or erased. It can be an exciting and sometimes frustrating process. But the experimental qualities it offers captivates and encourages KJ’s desire to create. “I even love that it’s not completely controllable nor predictable.” she says.

KJ discovered gunpowder as an art medium because she shoots USPSA competitions. She describes her reaction to seeing the work of master artist, Cai Quo-Qiang “I ran in my studio and got paper, to the basement for gunpowder; grabbed the fire extinguisher on the way out the door, and immediately fell in love with it as an art process.”

She began this art form in 2016 and has been undaunted by learning everything through experimentation. She also appreciates the lessons of letting go of the final outcome and that “mistakes” often offer beautiful new possibilities. “A huge part of my passion for life comes from inspiring wonder (OMG, that’s so cool!), provoking thought (uh... how was that done?) and encouraging communication (Have you considered..?) and this art medium seems to fit me very well.”