Martin Grelle


Born & raised in Clifton, Texas, Martin Grelle and his wife, Joyce, still live on a small ranch a few miles from town.  His studio sits in the picturesque Meridian Creek Valley, surrounded by the oak & cedar-covered hills of Bosque County, just a short distance from his home, but also within a few miles of the family & friends who are so important in his life. He has two sons, Josh & Jordan, who have left home to pursue their own dreams, but who stay in touch frequently.  Grelle’s parents, Ervin & Ella, have both passed from this life, but he still has his brothers, Carl & Marvin, living nearby, as well as his sister, Mary, who lives in Ft. Worth. Joyce’s 3 sons, Zach, Emitt & Carl, and their families are also close, and visit the ranch often.

Grelle began drawing & painting when he was very young, and was fortunate to have James Boren & Melvin Warren, two professional artists and members of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America, move to the area when he was still in high school, and it has had a lasting impact on his direction & career.  Mentored by Boren, he had his first one-man show at a local gallery within a year of graduating from high school in 1973.  In the 44 years since that time, he has produced some 30 one-man exhibitions, including annual shows at Overland Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona from 1989 through 2014, and has won awards of both regional & national importance at shows around the country.

Martin Grelle has a real sense of responsibility to his collectors, which fills his heart every morning when he walks into the studio, believing that what he does is a gift entrusted to him from God, and must not be left unused or taken for granted, but developed and improved upon.  His parents, and Jim & Mary Ellen Boren, all set that example for him – an example of not only striving to be the best artist he can be, but the best man he can be as well. Beyond his studio, Grelle strives to pass on what others have passed to him.  He has given multiple demonstrations around the country, teaches an annual weekend workshop along with his good friend, and fellow CA, Bruce Greene – which they have done for 24 years straight – and mentors other aspiring artists by critiquing their work. He has donated work to a large number of organizations to aid in their progress, including The Bosque Arts Center in Clifton, Texas.