Mike Barlow Bronze Sculpture

Mike-Barlow Portrait.jpg

An Bronze wildlife sculpture artist, Mike Barlow, solidifies anatomical correctness into his sculpture, capturing the essence of his wildlife subjects. Mike has sculpted many captivating animal scenes that ultimately tell a potent story. Characteristically, his dexterous surfaces magnify the true spirit of his wildlife subjects.

“I work to express the strength and power of the animals I sculpt within a classic context while incorporating a contemporary flare.” – Mike Barlow

From an early age, Mike immersed himself in the study of the greatest American and European sculptors such as Alexander Phimister ProctorFrançois Auguste René RodinAntoine-Louis Barye and Pierre-Jules Mêne and notable painters such as Carl RungiusBob Kuhn and John Singer SargentBeginning as a teenager, he studied the art in museums of London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York, and Los Angeles.  Classic masterpieces greatly influenced Mike’s style. His years as a professional wildlife photographer served him well and gave Mike a solid foundation for the sculpture that he is so passionate about today.

In 2000, Mike entered full-time into a career as a wildlife sculptor. Mike and his work were quickly acclaimed throughout the art community. Today his sculpture is part of collections worldwide.