Pete Ramberg


"In high school, I entered a photography contest and won first place with a shot of my dog (what else??). I was hooked. After shooting for fun on vacations with my family, I realized I really liked the art form. In the mean time, I ended up teaching for years at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (in areas other than photography), but kept the interest going.

In 1994, I took the plunge, quit teaching and pursued landscape photography as a career. What changed how I looked at landscapes, was my knowledge of light. From my science background in physics as well as my learning how light interacts with objects, I realized that photography is not about capturing a scene – it’s about capturing the scene in great light.

“Photo” means light, so photography quite literally is the study of light. This was my “Eureka” moment and my goal is to capture a landscape in the best light possible. It’s a goal that keeps me shooting a scene, in some cases, over and over until I get it right. Enjoy my images!!"