The Framing Process

The framing process begins with something that you love. It could be art, photos, family heirlooms, great grandmas needlework, or your favorite poster. It all starts by bringing it in to our downtown shop and thats where the fun begins.

You name it, we can frame it.



The Journey Begins

One of our expert staff will guide through picking out the perfect materials for your project. First we will start to get to know you and your art. Next we will guide you through picking out the materials that will work best for your project such as moulding (the frame material), the mat type(s) and color, the glazing (glass).

The care and preservation of your artwork and satisfaction is our number one goal.

Then We Take Over

Once all of the materials are selected our knowledgable framing staff take the lead.

Using specialized tools and materials designed just for framing, our staff begin assembling your project.

We cut, and join the frame moulding to the unique specifications of your artwork. We cut the Mat with a specialized Wizard mat cutter whose precision is unrivaled. We cut and clean the glazing (glass) and fit your artwork into the frame.

Combined with our state of the art industry tools and carefully selected materials you can be assured that your frame project will be done right and look incredible when you recieve it.


The Finish Line

Two weeks later…. your project is ready for pick-up. We have carefully crafted, cared for and preserved your artwork for you. We can’t wait for you to come see the finished piece in person.

We will call and let you know as soon as your project is complete.



Ready to start your custom framing project?

The best way to get started is to come on in to our downtown frame shop. Don’t forget to bring your artwork along.

Consultations and quotes are always free. Walk-ins encouraged.